School Bus

The Block Island School bus offers transportation to all students. However, it should be considered a privilege that can be rescinded upon repeated or severe misbehavior. At all times students shall remain seated and orderly, obeying the bus driver and monitors for their safety. Eating on the bus is not allowed. Electronic equipment is always prohibited on the school bus.

The bus route, morning pickup times, and afternoon drop off times are reviewed annually and provided to all parents and guardians and students.

 All requests to drop a student off at a different location than usual require a written note to the bus driver and teacher. Parental authorization to request drop off at varying locations throughout the year also require a note to the bus driver. These provisions will be strictly enforced.

Block Island School

Bus Route 

7:00               Spring Street

 7:05               Leone's

 7:08               Mitchell Lane

 7:10               Beacon Hill & Center Road

 7:12               Tiny's Old Town Lumber

 7:15                Old Town Road & Connecticut Avenue

 7:20              Beach Avenue & Center Road

7:30 Clayhead Trail

 7:40                Church / Weldon's Way

 7:45               Block Island School

 If your child does not currently ride the bus, and you would like to add them to the bus list, please text/call Mr. Joseph Coffen at 412-601-1443