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Block Island School


Block Island School - Class of 2021

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The purpose of Block Island School is to educate young people intellectually, socially, and physically through challenging curriculum and to encourage their healthy, moral, and emotional development. Block Island School seeks to instill appreciation of individual differences and skills necessary to become responsible and contributing citizens in a unique community. Block Island School advocates student knowledge and respect for our fragile environment and its protection. Recognizing the importance of technology, Block Island School is committed to incorporating technological experiences cross-curriculum. Students should learn to develop personal goals and come to understand that learning is a life-long process. Cooperation among students, faculty, parents, and community members should successfully support this statement of purpose.
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WindWin Competition - Featured Photo

WindWin Competition -

Five junior students (Rory Crawford, Stella Gockenbach, Whitney McGinnes, Amira Veldman-Wilson, and Chloe Weber) participated in the Wind Win RI program throughout this school year, working towards certification status in a career pathway training system. With the help of mentor Dr. Sue Gibbons, they focused on meeting the specific academic requirements of the program in the areas of environmental science and engineering. They also participated in this year’s virtual Kid Wind High School Wind Turbine Challenge, by designing and testing wind turbines using a complex simulation program. The Block Island team’s final turbine was recognized with an honorable mention prize at the end of the competition.
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