Welcome to the Block Island School.  

The  philosophy  of  the  New  Shoreham  School  Department  is  based  on  the  premise  that  the  most valuable  resource  of  the  Town  of  New  Shoreham  is  its  children.    It  is  our  belief  that  schools benefit  not  only  children  and  their  parents,  but  all  of  society,  by  helping  to  assure  that  each individual  is  capable  of  contributing  to  the  overall  good  of  humankind.    The  school  experience should  be  a  catalyst  to  help  students  clarify  their  own  goals  and  values,  to  acquire  healthy attitudes  toward  success  and  failure,  to  understand  the  function  of  experimentation  in  learning, and  to  gain  sufficient  confidence  to  take  appropriate  risks  in  order  to  achieve.    Fundamental  to the  educational  process  is  the  conviction  that  students  learn  differently  from  one  another  and each  must  be  regarded  as  an  individual  worthy  of  our  interest,  respect,  and  best efforts. (Policy AA Educational Philosophy on School Committee Policy Website)

Being new to the school district,  I have begun meeting community members, staff, alumni, and students.  I am extremely impressed with the dedication of all constituents to the School Committee Philosophy.  I recently sat with a teacher and alumna on the ferry.  We had a great conversation about the amazing education that she and her siblings have received at  the Block Island School.  I could see the pride in the teacher’s eyes as he asked her how she was doing in college and we all reminisced about academic and athletic excellence from the past.  I have been able to visit the school this summer.  I have also observed the hard work that is taking place behind the scenes in the summer by the School Committee, administrators, clerical staff, custodial staff, food service staff, and town agency staff in preparing for the upcoming year.  

Last year we faced a once in a lifetime pandemic.  The Block Island School mitigation strategies were so successful that we could not trace any transmissions of COVID 19 occuring in the school.  We continue to remain committed to maintaining an in-person learning environment in the Block Island School and have developed our school re-opening plan for the 2021-22 school year with that in mind.  We will remain flexible to increase or decrease safety protocols as needed throughout the year.  Collaboratively we will continue to follow health and safety guidelines, including wearing masks, physical distancing, and frequent hand washing.  I am confident that we will have another successful year!

Bob Gerardi
Robert J. Gerardi, Jr. PhD
School Superintendent