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Block Island School

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Expectations for School and Students


Block Island School will:

  • provide a safe, clean, and academically conducive environment;
  • provide a challenging curriculum directed towards student expectations;
  • provide a well-trained staff that will project positive role models;
  • develop and implement instructional teaching strategies to encompass all learners;
  • provide technology and incorporate its use throughout school programs;
  • provide support services, extra-curricular activities, and opportunities for further growth;
  • increase effective communication among staff, administration, students, and community;
  • acknowledge academic and extra-curricular achievement;
  • enhance the recognition of educational excellence;
  • provide for and encourage students to participate in community service activities;
  • instill a sense of pride and school spirit in our community;
  • provide a climate of mutual respect; and
  • be committed to evaluating and updating programs to accommodate a changing world.



Block Island School students will:

  • respect and learn about Block Island’s environment;
  • learn to read for information, understanding, and enjoyment;
  • learn to write effectively for a variety of purposes and audiences;
  • be critical, creative thinkers, and problem solvers;
  • communicate effectively;
  • develop effective listening skills;
  • acquire a body of knowledge in core content areas;
  • learn technology to obtain, exchange, and organize information;
  • demonstrate academic honesty;
  • develop life and vocational skills;
  • recognize and appreciate quality work;
  • understand the responsibilities of citizenship and community membership;
  • develop and demonstrate an aesthetic response to the visual and performing arts;
  • learn to responsibly set personal goals and high expectations;
  • develop a commitment to life-long learning;
  • demonstrate respect and tolerance for peers, parents, and staff;
  • demonstrate respect for personal, school, and community property;
  • show appreciation and respect for cultural and individual differences;
  • be knowledgeable of counseling services and their availability;
  • make informed decisions about physical, mental, and social health;
  • demonstrate a commitment to punctuality and full class participation; and
  • recognize positive role models.