Are You Feeling It?

This week we have felt the full weight of the stress many of our families are under. Between the worry about health, financial insecurity, and the demands of virtual school, we are doing our best to keep our heads above water.


Your kids are feeling it, too. That being said, during the next 14 school days you will see a relaxation in the amount of work at many levels. Thank you to those who reached out to say that you are doing your best, but are loosing steam. Honestly, all we can ask for during these last few weeks, is your best. Teachers are feeling the pulse of their students and families, and adjusting instruction accordingly.


All things considered, our students and parents have done an incredible job adapting to these difficult times. Teachers know all too well that under normal circumstances a school day in June, is much different than one in November. Now parents understand this, as well.


The good news is that Senior Project Presentations are underway, and on Wednesday we had a beautiful sunny day to film part of our graduation video. I share a sneak peak below..


Sunny days are ahead... keep smiling..