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Block Island School


High School

The academic program at the Block Island School is designed to provide the foundation for a broad and liberal

education to prepare its students to become versatile, discriminating, and critically perceptive individuals, capable

of “applying themselves” because they are secure in the knowledge of themselves and their abilities. The school

and its staff also realize that each student is unique and, to that end, provide a range of services that meet the

specific needs of each student.


The course offerings in a variety of disciplines are geared towards both college and career bound aspirants. They

provide the student with the kind of background, knowledge and skills that are required in the workplace and by

reputable colleges and trade schools. In addition to the disciplines that form the traditional liberal arts academic

program, the Block Island School offers a number of elective courses of a more general nature that respond to

student interest in the arts, the trades, professions, and civic life.