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Block Island School


Middle Grades

Middle Grades - Distance Learning - Please Click Link Below

The Rhode Island Department of Education has many requirements to ensure that all students receive a quality education including how teachers are certified for each of the grade levels.  There are certificates for every teaching and administrative position at the school.  Every teacher and school administrator holds a valid teacher certificate.


The subject areas and homeroom assignments are as follows:


  • Grade 5 Homeroom teacher will be Mrs. McQuaide. Mrs. McQuaide will teach grade 5 English Language Arts (with History Integration) and grades 5 and 6 Math.
  • Grade 6 Homeroom teacher will be Ms Cotter Marsella. Ms Cotter Marsella will teach grade 6 English Language Arts (with History Integration) and grades 5, 6 and 7 Science.
  • Grade 7 Homeroom teacher will be Mr. Petrik.  Mr. Petrik will teach Grade 7 English.
  • Grade 7 Math will be taught by Mr. Perry
  • Mrs. Mello will support students across grades five through seven.