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College Planning

The opportunity to continue your education beyond high school is available to every Block Island School graduate. It is our goal to help you make that happen.


Use the many resources available through the Block Island School, the school community, the internet and school staff.

Your counselor will guide you through the process and help you make realistic choices. College search software (see appendix), visits to college fairs and to local schools can help you identify what is important to you in a post-secondary institution. Talks with current students, recent graduates, parents, and adults in careers that interest you can make a difference, too.


College is an exciting step toward an independent and satisfying life. While you will receive advice and information from many sources, your final choice should be one you are comfortable with and that is appropriate for your needs and interests. Most students with an open mind and a good attitude will thrive in a variety of schools. By keeping this in mind, much of the stress students feel about selecting an institution would vanish.


Students sometimes see roadblocks that appear to stand between them and higher education, such as their academic record in high school or their family’s financial situation. If you want to continue your education, there are ways to overcome these obstacles. Your counselor can help.


There are so many paths to a great future. Remember that every school offers many valuable opportunities. Choose the one that’s right for you.